Good article on what’s happening with Joe Rogan.

I don’t know Joe Rogan that well.

I’ve been on his show three times – once to talk about the mental health dangers of cannabis, an appearance that came out of my book Tell Your Children, twice for Covid and the vaccines. Each time I spent far longer in the studio with him than anywhere else. We shook hands and chatted for a minute before sitting down and a couple minutes afterward.

Then he vanished and I walked to the car waiting for me. The third time I actually felt a little disappointed – Hey, Joe, can’t we hang out? Have a beer? Mainly tired, though. Three hours of intense conversation that millions of people are going to see will do that.

He’s a lot shorter than I am, and a lot stronger; and his security has increased notably since the first time I met him, in February 2019, in those halcyon pre-Spotify days. Now he works from an anonymous office park in Austin, Texas. But back then he was in Los Angeles, in a studio the size of a warehouse and filled with cool toys: vintage guitars, vintage posters, a pool table. Apparently his car collection was at the far end of the warehouse, though I didn’t see it.

The LA warehouse looked like what it was – the man cave to end all man caves, built by a guy who had won life’s lottery and could afford every pleasure he imagined. Rogan was no longer just a comedian. He had built a mammoth audience of young men, the hardest-to-reach and most coveted demographic in the media. Politicians and comedians and authors all clamored to be on his show.

Life was good.

Now Joe Rogan’s in trouble.

Three points can ALL be true.

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