Step aside Dr. Fauci, Kristen Megan Kelley says masks don’t work, and she makes more sense than you do.

I’m going to tell you a little bit of my background. I have spent the past 19 years working in the field of Occupational and Environmental toxicology as a senior industrial hygienist. I am cross credentialed in public health decontamination site management. I’ve had an infection control prevention committees, infectious disease committees in hospitals. In fact, hospitals cannot be built, like if you have new construction, because I spent most of my career in health care. They cannot build a building without consulting with an industrial hygienist. Why? I’m going to explain that. So you understand my frustration. I’m glad I went last because then I can address some of the fear that I’m hearing and the misinformation. I’m going to give you some credit for the fact that you haven’t heard of my profession, most likely, because the media has the MD’s and the DO ‘s and the nurses on TV. They are skilled, they treat people. I protect people, and I train those doctors that are on TV, and they are not telling you the truth.

Her conclusion:

Unmask our children. It is child abuse by definition. It decreases oxygen by up to 20%. That’s why you have to have a medical clearance to wear a N95 respirator.

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