The Big Three (Mainstream Media, Big Pharma, and Big Tech) have currently positioned themselves between the government, COVID-19, and the general public. From the moment the Democrats took control of D.C., they have allowed big pharma to dictate how the country reacts to the COVID-19 pandemic, allowed big tech to silence any person who presented an alternate theory, and watched as the mainstream media vilified experts and doctors who have spent their entire lives dedicated to science.

Sadly, this isn’t just an American issue, as several countries like Canada instituted sweeping mandates that have done little to stop the virus. And to make it worse, doctors are now afraid to speak up due to losing everything they’ve worked for. 

In the video, featured below, a Canadian doctor filmed himself in what he claims would be his first and last video on TikTok. Not wishing for the fame that many seek on the internet, the doctor, who is a cardiologist technologist, admitted that for a long time, he remained silent on the matter of COVID-19. Even when he tried to speak up about the effects masks were having on childhood development, he found his words being criticized and scrutinized by his superiors. 

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