Argentinian reporter Carlos Ferrara collapsed during a live news broadcast on Argentina’s Channel 9 on Thursday during a news insert from a Covid testing center in the city of Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires

As Claudio Perez, the presenter on Channel 9, thanked Ferrara at the end of the report, the reporter suddenly mumbled “Sorry Claudio, sorry,” and a thumping sound could be heard through Ferrara’s live microphone feed.

Claudio looked baffled. “What just happened?” he asked. The cameraman then filmed Carlos Ferrara lying face down on the sidewalk with the microphone still in his hand before the feed was cut.

According to Channel 9 Ferrara collapsed, but his condition is stable and he remains under observation in hospital.

The collapse of Ferrara on air comes in the wake of a similar episode involving Brazilian TV presenter Rafael Silva, who suffered a cardiac event on-air just a week after he boasted about his Covid-19 booster shot on Instagram. Recently in Brazil, Olympic diver Ian Matos died only months after his jab due to complications while singer Cantor Maurílio died from thrombosis just six weeks after having received his second dose of the vaccine.

Perez’s vaccination status was not revealed fuelling rumours of another vaccine injury, especially because his sudden collapse was alleged to have been due to “heat” which was only 31 degrees Celsius on Friday.