Imagine being the BBC and putting together a purported “fact check” in an effort to malign Joe Rogan and his podcast, only to wind up getting a majority of the fact check wrong – because the BBC’s “Reality Check team” managed to do just that with their February 1st report trying to cash-in on the Rogan hate train.

In the BBC’s purported “fact check,” they brought four alleged claims made on Rogan’s podcast over the past year that the BBC’s Reality Check team boasted that they had debunked.

In reality, the BBC debunked one sentence Rogan made in passing on one episode last August – while ignoring the full context of his statement in question. They then used one of their own back-linked articles to attack a claim made by a guest of Rogan’s back in June of last year, “fact checked” a statement made by Dr. Robert Malone that the BBC Reality Check team got wrong (a.k.a., the BBC spread medical misinformation), and then “fact checked” a claim that was never actually made on the podcast by erecting a strawman argument.

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