The Public Discourse Journal of The Witherspoon Institute produced an article that concluded that it is “strongly, morally advisable” for Christians to get vaccinated because it demonstrates that “we care about the common good.” While the authors say we are to respect the freedom others have to refuse the vaccine “we do believe the goods associated with vaccination outweigh the risks or goods born of refusing vaccination.”

Now, I don’t have any reason to give much credence to The Witherspoon Institute, but I discovered this article promoted on The Gospel Coalition website posted by Justin Taylor. While the article is focused on Christian morals and ethics, it is making scientific and medical assumptions about the vaccine, which are not based on the growing data. Have they considered the deterioration of vaccine efficacy, the examples of Israel and Iceland seeing spikes in hospitalized COVID cases among the unvaxxed? Have they examined the deaths and injuries that are growing among all demographics, including children and our young people who have the most infinitesimal risk of dying from COVID if they catch it. More children and young people are dying and being permanently injured by the vaccines than from COVID. We are again sacrificing the most vulnerable of our society for the “common good.” Yet the morally advisable thing to do is look the other way, make no effort to ask the hard questions, nor examine the unpleasant data.