During the “Get Well Soon: Finding a Way Out of the Pandemic” session of the 58th Munich Security Conference, Bill Gates set the scene: “Well the, uh, you know, sadly the virus itself … uh, is a type of vaccine … And it’s done a better job … than we have with vaccines.”

Most rational people would have assumed Mr. Gates’ admission that the “virus” – or if you follow “the Bill Gates science”, the “vaccine,” the two being interchangeable according to Gates – had run its natural course and there was nothing more to say on “finding a way out of the pandemic.”  But it seems that those who feel the need to allow Gates to speak disregarded his all-important opinion as the session continued for another hour.

Below is the statement Gates made last week at the Munich Security Conference.  Although we have not as yet, you can watch the full “Get Well Soon: Finding a Way Out of the Pandemic” HERE, the clip below begins at around 1:30 mins.

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