Canadian and US Truckers Display Spines of Steel!

Recently, Freedom Fighter Nation was informed that approximately 38,000 Canadian truckers were walking off the job due to mandates going into effect on January 15 and 22, 2022, that would prevent Canadian and US truckers from crossing the border if they are unvaccinated. We immediately reached out to our Canadian brothers and sisters to better understand the issue, at which point we discovered that it was NOT just the Truckers. Apparently, large segments of an otherwise peaceful and relaxed citizenry north of our border have had it:  Canada is taking their country back, by way of a nationwide Convoy-Freedom-Protest, and we are uniting efforts and taking ours back too!

Truckers are Leading the Country-Wide Convoy

As those of us at Freedom Fighter Nation know, the Biden Administration has been playing a giant game of chicken with the American workforce over the last few months by forcing a vaccine mandate that was unlawful – as the U.S. Supreme Court recently held – and in so doing, undermining our freedoms by way of coercing American workers into taking the vaccine. Unfortunately, the government of Canada has been behaving in a similar fashion. But throughout history, countries have risen and fallen on the backs of the blue-collar boys and girls, and this era is no different. The decision by Trudeau and Biden to prevent trucker crossings at our borders by unvaccinated workers was the last straw – it represented the proverbial match that ignited a nation to action: the Canadian truckers have planned a convoy-protest, and America is joining in. It will now be termed the Canadian-US Freedom Convoy.

Americans will meet our neighbors to the north at the three border crossings listed as a show of unity and solidarity. We are sending a million man message to Trudeau and Biden that their days of tyranny are over, that totalitarian governments will no longer be tolerated, and that we are reclaiming our rightful system of government which is by the people and for the people.

Become a Freedom Fighter

This convoy is open to all freedom-lovers: Farmers, moms in Volvos, plumbers, teachers, nurses, doctors, mechanics, restaurant employees, retirees and students – EVERYONE. If you are within a day’s ride to one of these borders – GO!!!

ALL TRUCKERS — as well as all other citizens with automobiles – can support the Canadian-US Freedom Convoy. People from both countries are encouraged to participate and support your fellow Freedom Fighters.

Visit the Freedom Convoy website