This is a growing list of stories about vaccine deaths.

33-Year-Old Father Dies After Developing Autoimmune Disease From Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine

37-Year-Old Man Suffers Severe Brain Rupture and Cardiac Arrest After Receiving Booster Shot of Moderna Vaccine- Life Support to be Removed

“Thank You Joe Biden for Bringing on a Premature Death of a Life not Fully Lived” – Covid Vaccine Death obituary in MN Blames Joe Biden

Autopsy Reveals Death of 26-Year-Old Man Who Developed Myocarditis was Due to Pfizer Vaccine

Tragic: 14-Year-Old Israeli American Girl Suffers and Dies from COVID Vaccine – Makes a Video of Her Story Five Days Before Her Death

Healthy 57-Year-Old Nashville Doctor Dies Shortly After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine – Media Blames Death on Covid-19

New Zealand Health Authorities Link Death of 26-Year-Old Man Who Suffered Myocarditis to Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine