The debate over whether Covid-19 is a natural virus or an engineered one has brought a lot of new attention to all the research that the U.S. government is quietly spending money on. Some of it might be related to engineered viruses or bioweapons. Some of it could conceivably be a great deal stranger.

Celeste Solum is a broadcaster, author, organic farmer, and more among the many hats that she wears. She believes, based on her observations of global trends, that we are headed toward a cataclysmic extinction-level event for humanity in the next thirty years. She’s also written some provocative pieces over the past few years. In 2018 she wrote that the Panacea program of DARPA, the DOD’s research arm, was working to create “superhumans” beyond our wildest imaginations. More recently, she argued that Covid vaccines are part of a global depopulation agenda to synthetically transform the human body. And just a couple of weeks ago, she wrote that 3-D nanoparticles are editing the human body into a new reptilian creature with “rainbow-colored reptilian skin,” “smart skin with godlike properties,” and “perverted sexual signaling to attract other entities.”

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