The first four Omicron cases identified in Botswana were fully vaccinated. When you consider that only 6% of Africans are vaccinated, it makes these numbers even more alarming. All the evidence demonstrates the COVID shots are ineffective and vaccine passports useless for preventing spread.

As reported by Kim Iversen, a plane with some 600 passengers was diverted for testing when the news about Omicron broke. 10% of the passengers (61) were found to have COVID; 13 of these 61 positive passengers had Omicron, while the rest had Delta or some previous strain.

So, while most intercontinental travel requires proof of vaccination, it’s clearly not doing anything to prevent spread of the virus. Fully “vaccinated” people are just as likely to carry and transmit the virus as the unvaccinated. This clearly demonstrates that the policies put into place are not based on the science, they’re based on punishing those who choose not to “vaccinate.”