“Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko is the Nobel Prize-nominated doctor and inventor of the Zelenko Protocol for the early treatment of COVID-19.

President Donald Trump credited Dr Zelenko with his decision to take Hydroxychloroquine when Trump was battling COVID-19.

Dr Zelenko has treated numerous members of Congress, heads of state and high profile individuals.

In addition to being one of the leading proponents for the early treatment of COVID-19, Dr Zelenko has also been one of the leading critics of the current COVID vaccines and government efforts to silence debate over the efficacy of the vaccines and potential side effects.

Dr. Zelenko has first-hand experienced efforts to ban legitimate scientific treatments (after treating Trump, Gov Andrew Cuomo banned HCQ in NY) and big-tech led efforts to silence debate and discussion of medical treatments (he was deplatformed by Twitter).

Dr Zelenko created ‘Z Stack’ – his immune-boosting supplement – after his experience with early treatment during the pandemic.” – Truth Live Here

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