In the Rounding the Earth newsletter, Mathew Crawford analyzes worldwide data to draw some reasonable estimates of vaccine-induced mortality.

Over the past few months, my concerns over vaccine safety have grown steadily. At first I took the personal approach of “I’ll wait and see what the aggregate results of these experimental vaccines look like,” but was mostly focused on the bizarre sabotage of early treatment medication. I did write up thoughts regarding vaccine risks (here and here) because I felt that the risk assessment was irresponsibly ignored, and I wrote up assessments of the UK’s PHE data (here and here) because it seemed to me that the benefits of the vaccines were overstated, based on the data. When I discussed vaccine safety data with Steve Kirsch, I pushed back multiple times at his theory that there were perhaps 50,000 vaccine-induced deaths in the U.S., proffering a more modest number, and having a hard time squaring the complete disinterest in the topic by the medical community. I thought then and still think now that vaccine-induced deaths could be greater than most people in medicine would realize due to standard human lack of intuition regarding the interplay of very large and very small numbers.

My worry about vaccine-induced deaths grew somewhat when I became more aware of the intersection of causality of damage between SARS-CoV-2 infection and vaccination. Finding out the pioneer of the experimental gene therapy technology behind two of the vaccines regretting getting vaccinated moved me beyond “we should be more cautious, and focus on early treatment therapies,” to “Wow, this really isn’t going well.” Finding out that there are moratoriums on autopsies in many medical systems that prevent us from seeing this and this worried me more.

But when I read through the McLachlan paper completely, and saw that vaccine deaths were seemingly classified as COVID-19 deaths, my estimation of the death toll quickly grew. Now I personally suspect that over 100,000 Americans have been killed by the experimental vaccines. Others I know think the number may be as large as a quarter of a million.

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