What is going on in Africa?

That’s the question that has so-called medical experts scratching their heads as they examine the COVID-19 data coming out of the continent.

According to a report Friday from the Associated Press, while less than 6% of the people of Africa are vaccinated, the nations on the continent are seeing fewer cases and deaths than the West — and pretty much the rest of the world.

When the coronavirus first reared its head early last year, experts around the world worried that the pandemic would kill millions of people in a sweep across Africa, the AP said. But that fear has yet to come even close to being realized.

Though scientists warn that it is difficult to get accurate COVID information in African countries, they did note that COVID-case trends are continuing to decline. For example, in Zimbabwe this week, only 33 new cases and zero deaths were reported, and the World Health Organization’s data reveal that COVID infections in the country have been dropping since July.

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