There were 15 COVID-19 cases linked to the hockey league and all were breakthrough infections in fully vaccinated people, officials in York Region said.

Weston lived with his spouse, youngest daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren. Everyone in the home tested positive for COVID-19, despite those above 12 years old being fully vaccinated. 

“It spread like wildfire. How did this happen?” Weston-Campbell said. “We’re shocked.” 

Brian Dunn told CTV News Toronto he was sitting next to Weston at the hockey arena. He also tested positive for COVID-19, but had minor symptoms and has since recovered.

“How did we all get this transmitted to each other?” Dunn said. “We were all double-vaccinated, we went into the rink showing our proof of double vaccination, with our masks on.”

I’m sorry Weston died.

Shouldn’t we be examining our language more carefully? There are too many “breakthrough” cases that the term “breakthrough” makes no sense. The vaccine offers little protection. The studies showing the drop in efficacy is down to 20%. If I have a fence that only 20% is standing, the rest fallen, there’s no “breakthrough” if something crosses the fence.

How can you be surprised that this virus transmitted to the team? 20% efficacy! Plus, the vaccination causes the body to carry a huge viral load, more than by catching it naturally (a viral load of 1 billion compared to 1000).

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