Nurse practitioner Vanessa Hamalian unexpectedly found herself confronting a life-changing dilemma. It was the same one hundreds of thousands of other Americans faced time and again throughout 2021.

Earlier in the day, her employer of seven-and-a-half years, a family physician in Greater Sarasota, Florida, informed his staff he had obtained a supply of Moderna vaccines and that every employee would be required to be vaccinated.

Hamalian drove home that evening, her mind spinning, somewhat stunned: “What?” she thought. “In modern medicine we are now accepting ‘no data’ equals ‘safe’ and ‘effective’ and ‘mandated’?”

Before she left work that day, she asked for time to research the vaccine. She and her husband had an even-month-old child she was still breast feeding, and she was concerned about the effects of the vaccine could have on her baby.

Hamalian spent that weekend reading as much as she could on the data and studies about the vaccines. What she found “was not much data at all.”

She made up her mind. “I was not comfortable doing something this new,” she says. “It has been accepted knowledge for a long time that mothers’ antibodies transfer to their children during breast feeding.”

She wrote a letter to her employer — read at Substack.

She cited four sources—the FDA, the U.S. Surgeon General, the Moderna vaccine fact sheet and an article from PubMed, the Google for medical research. Each of them convinced Hamalian there still wasn’t sufficient evidence of the effects and efficacy of the vaccine.

She concluded in her letter:

“I have a strong and closely held belief that I alone am responsible for the medical treatments that I accept for myself. I understand that any adverse outcomes of this medical treatment are my responsibility alone and that neither the federal government nor the vaccine manufacturer nor the mandator of the vaccine will hold any responsibility or liability.

I speak with the same conviction that has driven the Right to Choose for so long, “My Body, My Choice.” In addition, I now have the added responsibility of my child who is dependent on my choices which directly impact his nutrition and his immune system.

I hope you will consider delaying the mandate to vaccinate until the vaccine is FDA approved and the safety studies are complete. The answers of safety that have stopped every other mRNA vaccine need to be answered before this fast-tracked vaccine is made mandatory.”

That afternoon, she was fired—but she was given six weeks notice.

What happened next, over the next twelve months, was a dizzying and exhilarating— sometimes harrowing—24/7 whirlwind, with Hamalian deep in the treacherous trenches and on the frontlines of covid-19. With her and husband’s savings, they took an all-or-nothing risk and opened her own family practice in Sarasota.

From July 2021 to mid-January 2022, Hamalian and her Latitude Clinic have treated 1,092 covid patients.

For most of them, she prescribed the much-disparaged drug, ivermectin, and to all of them the treatment protocols of the much-disparaged doctors of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance.

Her results would shame mainstream medicine: Only one of Hamalian’s patients died.

None was intubated.

None was put on a ventilator.

Only ten were hospitalized.

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