Et tu, Brute?

What a week.  It started with a trip to Palm Beach to meet with Florida Surgeon General Joe Ladapo and Governor Ron DeSantis (big success), then a quick turnaround to testify with the Tennessee state legislature regarding COVID legislation (partial success), then addressing questions regarding the Ukraine Biolab situation with Glen Beck, then a meeting with opinion leader Dr. David Martin, and finishing up with dinner with heroic local physician (and cattle rancher) Dr. Brooke Miller and his wife Ann, who works as a Nurse Practitioner. Next week it is off to my childhood home Santa Barbara for another rally – Stand UP Santa Barbara.  All supporting the mission of stopping mandated SARS-CoV-2 genetic vaccination of our children.

I am exhausted. Which is why Jill and I took a day off from writing a substack article yesterday.

Well, I suppose that it is a win that the HHS bureaucrat’s and their many paid enablers are not just backslapping and giving each other medals over how well they have managed COVID-19.  At least not yet. 

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