Joe Rogan addressed the controversy surrounding the so-called “dangerous,” “misinformation” he has reportedly disseminated about COVID-19 and Covid vaccines.

Rogan, whose audience is 10 times larger than CNN’s best primetime show, discussed the attempt to censor and target him following his interviews with renowned doctors, Peter McCullough and Robert Malone.

“First of all, to say, thank you to everyone that sent love and support, I truly truly appreciate it and it’s been very nice to hear from you,” the host of The Rogan Experience said in a video published Sunday. “I want to make this video first of all, because I think there’s a lot of people that have a distorted perception of what I do, maybe based on sound bites or based on headlines of articles that have disparaging.

“The podcast is been accused of spreading ‘dangerous,’ ‘misinformation’ specifically about two episodes, a little bit about some other ones, but specifically about two. One with Dr. Peter McCullough and one with Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough is a cardiologist and he is the most published physician in his field in history. Dr. Robert Malone, owns nine patents on the creation of mRNA vaccine technology and is at least partially responsible for the creation of the technology that led to mRNA vaccines. Both these people are very highly credentialed, very intelligent, very accomplished people and they have an opinion that it’s different from the mainstream narrative.”

Facts, information, even debating opinions about Covid and Covid vaccination is “labeled dangerous misinformation.” But every claim that is censored, refuted and attacked by the Covid-vaccine pushing regime has been accurate and demonstrably true, Rogan warned.  

“I wanted to hear what [McCullough and Malone’s] opinion is.  I had them on and because of that,” he said. “Those episodes, in particular — were labeled as being ‘dangerous,’ they had ‘dangerous misinformation in them. The problem I have with the term ‘misinformation,’ especially today, is that many of the things that we thought of as misinformation, just a short while ago, are now accepted as fact.”

Rogan called attention to the outright lies the Covid enterprises tried to coerce the public into accepting as fact:

For instance, eight months ago, if you said, ‘If you get vaccinated, you can still catch Covid and you could still spread Covid,’ you’d be removed from social media. They would, they would ban you from certain platforms. Now, that’s accepted as fact.

If you said, ‘I don’t think cloth masks work,’ you would be banned from social media. Now, that’s openly repeatedly stated on CNN.

If you said, ‘I think it’s possible that Covid-19 came from a lab,’ you’d be banned from many social media platforms. Now, that’s on the cover of Newsweek.

All of those theories that, at one point were banned, were openly discussed by those two men that I had on my podcast that have been accused of dangerous misinformation. I do not know if they’re right, I don’t know because I’m not a doctor. I’m not a scientist. I’m just a person. I am just a person that sits down and talks to people and has conversations with them.

Do I get things wrong? Absolutely, I get things wrong but I try to correct them whenever I get something wrong, I try to correct it because I am interested in telling the truth, I’m interested in finding out what the truth is. And I am interested in having interesting conversations with people that have different opinions.

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