This is from JCCF’s FAQ on how to handle violations of your human rights with vaccine mandates:

If these mandates are not challenged for violating our Charter rights and freedoms, or if courts side with the government, this will open the door to even greater government control over Canadians’ rights and freedoms, and our bodies.

We are unaware of any previous circumstance where a pharmaceutical company has rushed a product to market and has no liability for deaths or injuries, where no long-term studies have been conducted, where governments have induced, coerced and threatened people to get it, and where Canadians may lose their jobs and civil liberties for refusing to take it. This is unprecedented.

Mandatory vaccine policies in BC and Quebec are very similar, turning the unvaccinated into second-class citizens who may not attend large events, restaurants and theatres. Manitoba has just announced that it will implement a full vaccine passport system to discriminate against the unvaccinated but the full details have not been announced yet.

The Justice Centre sees these laws as unconstitutional, full stop. Seeking exemptions to the law implies that the underlying law is valid, and it is our position that it is not. Canadians have constitutionalized protections for conscience, religion, and security of the person including bodily autonomy. Mandatory vaccine policies and legal discrimination against the unvaccinated minority are blatant violation of Charter rights and freedoms.

While the Justice Centre is not able to sue private employers who unjustifiably terminate employment on grounds of vaccination status, we intend to challenge government policies in court. We seek to protect the rights of Canadians to informed consent, and the freedom to decide what medical interventions, drugs and/or vaccines they determine are best for them as individuals.

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