It is never right for the leader of a country to launch a furious invective against an entire subset of citizens. It is certainly never right to do so with the full force and blatant contempt that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau put on display during last fall’s election.

That was when Trudeau launched a strident, angry, ugly fusillade against “anti-vaxxers” in a French-language TV interview that has now caught the attention of English media. In it, he painted “these people,” the anti-vaxxers, as “often” being women-haters, racists and science-deniers, as well.

Wow! A nasty crew those anti-vaxxers. Out of mercy, I presume, the righteous Justin Trudeau didn’t throw in the rest of the story: that most anti-vaxxers have big, unsightly lumps on the back of their heads, use kittens as door stops and (gasp) don’t recycle. Should we “tolerate them?” he asked, rhetorically.

Follow the train of thought. They may be a fringe group, but that’s of no account because (dire peals from the organ loft) they are “a small group that muscles in.” Insidious bastards, those anti-vaxxers, and cute. Whatever else, there’s a troubled vision of the power of anti-vaxxers in the prime ministerial cranium.

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