Dr. Paul Marik is a critical care doctor at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in East Virginia, and he believes our medical agencies and science in general has failed us.

“There is a scientific vacuum and this starts back to March of last year. There’s been a complete failure of the major medical institutions across the world. Every major society has failed to provide honest useful scientific information.”

Dr.Marik has been successfully treating hospitalized COVID patients, including the elderly who have serious commorbidities, with a cocktail of common drugs and protocols called the MATH+ protocol which are basic to medical care. There is also an effective prevention protocol for those who have come into contact with COVID or are at high risk called I-MASK+, which consists of Ivermectin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc, Quercitin, and Melatonin.

Why are these protocols that have been around since March 2020 not being shared more widely?

“Making money and profiteering is what is driving this — not saving lives — and what they’re most interested in is preserving that single organ, which may be damaged the most, which is the back pocket. They’re terrified of the back pocket being damaged. The heart, the brain, the lung, they don’t care. It’s the back pocket that’s driving this.”

Dr. Marik continues:

“I mean this goes back to witchcraft and really prehistoric behaviors. Science is based on exchange of information and that has been censored. So, I think history is going to look back very unfavorably on this period.

I think this is a very dark period in the history of humanity, the history of science, the history of the press, you know the history of freedom of speech, just because of the complete lack of information, misinformation, disinformation and censorship. I mean it’s absurd … what we’re saying is being censored and labeled as scientific misinformation.”

From a clinical viewpoint he believes the virus to be man-made.

“I think the preponderance of evidence highly suggests this was a manipulated virus that whether it leaked on accident or by design leaked from the Wuhan laboratory … the molecular structure of the spike protein would suggest that this was a manipulated the protein was specifically manipulated and enhanced …

The diversity of the symptoms, the systems it involves, the depth of damage it does and the durability of the damage — that first it causes the acute and then it becomes long COVID and then it just keeps sitting with us — I have not seen any other virus in my lifetime, which does this kind of destruction.”

He believes the vaccination campaign destroys the foundations of our freedom.

“For example, when you get the mRNA vaccine, people assume it stays in the arm but that’s not true. The spikes tend to spread throughout the body. Now the vaccine companies know about this but they don’t want to tell us about it. We have to figure this out ourselves.

… we need to respect [people’s] autonomy. We need to respect their informed consent. They should be able to decide for themselves. We should not be forcing this upon people and this mandate that colleges and some hospitals have, I think it goes against the foundation of freedom of choice, freedom to do to your own body as you respect and freedom of consent.”