Make-a-Wish Denies Wish to 4-Year-Old Cancer Patient Over Vaccination Status

The Make A Wish Foundation has drawn the ire of many after it denied the wish of a child because of his vaccination status.

Rocco DiMaggio, a 4-year-old cancer patient, was denied his wish to go to Disneyworld because he is not vaccinated.

Now we are not certain if the foundation, or Disneyworld, has heard, but four-year-olds are not even eligible for the vaccination yet.

But this is the residue of the one size fits all medical apparatus we are now dealing with, Todd Starnes reported.

“It was a punch in the gut,” his mom said to Newsmax of the organization’s policy that led to canceling the Disneyworld trip.

“They were ready to move forward with Rocco’s wish,” she said, until the person from the Foundation asked if everyone in the family was vaccinated, to which she responded they were not.

The child has already had COVID two times and is immunocompromised so his mom is not even certain she would give him the vaccine if she could.

But that is beside the point. The child is fighting for is life and all he wants is to go to Disneyworld and this organization, which is supposed to be about making kid’s wishes come true, denied him because he did not get a medical treatment he is not even allowed to get.

It would be akin to them denying him for not having a driver’s license. He cannot get one even if he and his parents wanted him to get it.

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