Federal Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos shocked Canadians on Friday by stating that the time will soon come to make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory.

“Fifty per cent of hospitalizations now, in Quebec, are due to people not having been vaccinated,” Minister Duclos said. “That’s a burden on health care workers, a burden on society which is very difficult to bear and for many people difficult to understand.

“That’s why I’m signaling [mandatory vaccines] is a conversation which I believe provinces and territories, in support with the federal government, will want to have over the next weeks and months.”

This is troubling stuff, but it’s consistent with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent record of vilifying the unvaccinated.

Let us be clear: Mandatory vaccines are just plain wrong.

We already have vaccine passports in place, which severely limit the degree that unvaccinated persons can participate in society.

Let’s not even entertain some of the scarier methods that could be employed to vaccinate those who are unwilling.

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