As millennials, we are the first generation of the digital age. We are also the last generation who had to call using a landline, send party invites via snail mail, and actually ring our friends’ doorbells to tell them to come outside and play ball. Some may say this is confusing for us, but I think it’s an incredible advantage. We can go back and forth between the real and digital worlds like it’s nothing. So how does this tie back to the Covid-19 pandemic? Well, we have the strong ability to dig and research on the internet, and then bring what we find back to apply it to real-world problems.  In my opinion, this capability has been crucial over the last two years, particularly since our mainstream media has epically failed us. We easily shift from working in an office to virtual home telecommuting without missing a beat. We handle technology very well; it’s become our sixth sense.

Millennials have access to and rely on the most independent news sources- the ones that are not funded and monopolized by the big money Globalists. We can cut through tech algorithms like a hot knife through butter. Just to illustrate the point, I conducted my own social experiment a few weeks ago. I have a friend who is well aware of a lot of the media manipulation going on with society, but he chooses to move back and forth between acknowledging it and just ignoring it; a classic red pill/blue pill (“Matrix”) scenario. One day I decided to take his phone (without telling him) and go on multiple different news sources and influencer pages which he would never click on. The idea was that if I did this little test, in the coming days his entire popular page will recommend the same type of content I just viewed on his profile, and he will be sending it to me knowing I like to consume this type of content.  And sure enough, in a matter of days that is exactly what happened.

With big tech algorithms, we are living in our own echo chambers. Hearing and seeing exactly what we are comfortable processing. Just like the “The Matrix”, tech feeds us what they think we want, and what they want us to want. I knew right then and there that we (as a society) are up to our eyeballs into a psychological operation designed to control us. But I also saw that we have the power to research for ourselves, and even dig deep on subjects we may disagree with or which tech thinks we may not be interested in. But we, the people, have the power. Sometimes, we just need to pause for a moment and zoom out on the situation, closely analyze, reflect on our own thoughts and not rely on big tech’s algorithms about what we should be thinking. Otherwise, we will completely let the Globalists delete the critical thinking process from all of humanity.

While composing the previous paragraph, I realized that putting worlds down on virtual paper brought me closer to understanding how Big Tech, the Covid-19 pandemic, and Millennials all tie together. We risk loosing our individualism and ability to think critically as a result of our generation’s sheltered upbringing. We must not be the generation that lets our health suffer the same result. It’s time to realize that we must gather and analyze our own facts and then form our own opinions, so that we may raise a new generation that is more resistant to tyranny and which values to our natural God-given freedoms and liberties.

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