Why the caveat by the “experts” who have to declare “It’s not a concern”? Are these people listening to themselves?

TORONTO — About 35.6 per cent of COVID-19 infections in Ontario over the past two weeks have been in individuals that were fully vaccinated against the disease, however experts say this trajectory is normal considering the increasing number of people getting their shots.

According to data provided by the government, 1,760 people who had received both doses of a COVID-19 vaccine contracted COVID-19 since Oct. 15.

At least 2,959 cases were logged in people who were unvaccinated and 227 infections were in people who were partially vaccinated.

And here is an infographic showing the breakdown. Notice they don’t count those who have natural immunity — probably because they aren’t catching COVID again. And we’re supposed to believe the vaccines work, they’re “safe and effective,” even though they don’t prevent transmission or hospitalizations — or death, which is the point of a vaccine. So if it’s working in any respect, it’s a treatment, not a vaccine.

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