I have people asking me all the time about natural immunity. Whether they are looking for information for themselves or to take to family and friends who are discrediting the validity. The argument regarding natural immunity continues to be a hot topic. Here, we’ve compiled a list of 140 studies currently available on the robust, durable protection of natural immunity from around the world by hundreds of scientists, researchers and doctors.

In many countries natural immunity is recognized, at least in some part, as a valid reason to refrain from a COVID vaccine. Here in the U.S., many people facing mandates are unable to use their natural immunity as a justified reason to pass on the vaccine. In fact, it’s almost as if we’d never encountered natural immunity before. Which is odd considering vaccines are developed to mimic the natural immune response.

Several studies, as well as the CDC and other governmental agencies around the world, have come out to say that the immune response induced by the COVID vaccines wanes rather quickly. This is the justification and reason that warrants the need for boosters after just 6 months.

Those who choose to argue that natural immunity may not be suitable, argue that we don’t have long term studies. In fact, we have several studies. Well done studies that indicate that natural immunity is not only robust, but also far superior to the vaccine-induced immune response. So far, as we see vaccine-induced immune responses waning, we’ve yet to see one where natural immunity wanes nearly as quickly.

As concerns continue to mount for ADE, myocarditis, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, blood clots, nervous system disorders and a whole host of other conditions in the growing number of VAERS reports, elicited by the vaccines, we need to take a serious look at natural immunity.

While we wait for long-term studies on the vaccines to be conducted and reported on, we have these at our fingertips. If the FDA continues to push for 55, and now doubled-down for 75 years to release the data that led them to an EUA approval, we can use this information in the meantime to make an informed decision.

Some people are still arguing the side that a vaccine will stop transmission. Does this apply to those with natural immunity as some would argue? The CDC recently stated that they have 0 incidences recorded where an unvaccinated individual has been infected with COVID, recovered, become reinfected and transmitted the virus to another person. There is no evidence of a naturally recovered person transmitting COVID after reinfection. Breakthrough cases are quite another story. We have evidence of large spread transmission through breakthrough cases.

Now, as children are receiving these vaccinations, many of whom likely have natural immunity due to such mild cases that went undetected, we need to consider the implications of vaccinating someone with natural immunity. Especially since we have no long term studies and the FDA recognizes the children receiving the vaccine today are the long term trial participants.

While some of these studies continue to argue for the need for vaccination, I think if you read the studies with a critical thought, you’ll see that they actually validate natural immunity. Even if their intent was to endorse the vaccine.

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