Those who have been infected by, and recovered from, Covid have acquired natural immunity. This would have been considered sound medical knowledge or “settled science” before Covid. For instance, a Personal Support Worker (PSW) starting a practicum would likely need to provide proof of immunity or vaccination against Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps, Rubella etc. This is easily accomplished through a simple blood test of their antibodies, even years after infection or vaccination.

Ichor Blood Services, a private lab based in Calgary, Alberta, has released its findings on natural immunity. Based on 4,300 qualitative antibody tests to date, Ichor’s report shows that 42 percent of unvaccinated Albertans have some level of natural immunity protection against Covid. As might be expected, the data shows that most fully vaccinated Albertans have high levels of antibodies. Interestingly, the data also shows that one in ten vaccinated Albertans has zero antibody immunity, suggesting the vaccine might be useless for 10 percent of recipients.

Why are Canada’s federal and provincial governments ignoring the natural immunity that already protects so many people? Why are those who choose not to undergo an experimental medical procedure treated as second-class citizens, stripped of their human rights and their Charter-protected freedoms? Where is the justification for the dismissal of thousands of Canadian workers from their employment? Is this “trusting the science,” or ignoring it?

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