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Beginning this Monday, we invite you to witness what may be one of the most historic docuseries of all time: “Never Again Is Now Global.”

Each one-hour segment of the five-part series will premiere exclusively on CHD.TV from Jan. 30 through Feb. 3, airing nightly at 7 pm ET/4 pm PT.

Directed by Holocaust survivor and human rights activist Vera Sharav, the film features personal stories from fellow survivors and their descendants detailing the atrocities of a past that was promised 75 years ago never to occur again while drawing parallels to the COVID policies we’re seeing today.

Outraged voices from historians, educators, doctors, rabbis, activists and scientists around the world, including Pfizer’s former vice president and chief scientist, are also featured in the series.

Sharav’s documentary dives deep into the forbidden subject of the early repressive stages under the Nazi regime that culminated in the Holocaust. The Nazi interventions — the suspension of freedoms, imposition of lockdowns, coerced medical procedures, and identity passports — are eerily similar to modern-day dictatorial constraints on citizens worldwide.

Never Again Is Now Global” boldly exposes the financial interests and the corporations that drove the Holocaust. Survivors explain how modern-day companies, including General Motors, Ford Motor Company, IBM, and conglomerates like IG Farben, secretly profiteered from the slave labor camps and industrial genocide.

The 32 participants in the series tell their stories, share their opinions and sound the alarm with an urgent message: today’s false narrative, suspension of freedoms, medical dictates and violations of human rights are reminiscent of the Nazi playbook. But, this time, the repressive measures are not limited to Jews. Today’s false narrative targets the entire global population.

Sharav shares the significance of this project:

“The Holocaust was facilitated by mass obedience to authority. Our survival rests on our willingness to resist oppressive orders. Those who resisted – by falsifying their identity, by jumping off the trains to Auschwitz and joining the partisans, had a higher survival rate than those who obeyed.”

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