Nurses who work on the floor in hospitals and see the side effects are quitting their jobs rather than getting the mRNA injection.

Four nurses at Houston Methodist Hospital, one who claimed she saw hundreds of patients with serious side-effects from the vaccine. Watch here.

A group of nurses at UC Health Anschutz Medical Campus protest mandatory vaccines. Watch here.

Nurses protest California’s vaccine mandates. Watch here.

NBC news report on health care workers refusing the vaccine. Watch here.

CNN nurse refuses vaccine because of the adverse reactions she’s seen. Watch here.

Amazing to see how many talking head journalists believe the vaccines have been through trials and thoroughly tested. They blanketly accept the safety assurances declared by the CDC and FDA. These pharmaceutical companies have paid out billions in lawsuits and have removed drugs from the market — every one of them having received FDA approval. Why is no one talking about their track record for safety and truthful information?