Stunning data from Ontario. Cases skyrocketing among the fully-vaxxed.

Also notice how there isn’t much a disparity between vaccinated and unvaccinated, despite the narrative we’re being told. This graph demonstrates no benefit of the vaccine in terms of infection or transmission.

What could account for the sudden rise in cases among the fully-vaxxed?

First, vaccine “effectiveness” could be waning — except for the fact that the vaxxed and un-vaxxed basically have the same numbers until Dec. 10.

Second, the vaccines have produced Antibody Dependent Enhancement, which has been a consistent problem with all Coronavirus vaccines and is one reason why there hasn’t ever been a coronavirus vaccine.

Now, if you’re vaxxed, you are more susceptible to infection. Perhaps the vaccine passports should be used to prevent the vaxxed from participating in gatherings or going to restaurants.

By the way, notice how these metrics never include those with natural immunity. Natural immunity doesn’t fit the narrative drive.

Data from COVID Ontario database