The police officers are concerned to see how critical voices from expert circles are immediately silenced by superiors, employers, politicians, and the media, who deny them any competence and prevent an open discourse on possible other (therapeutic) approaches. They lament that the vaccination narrative is preached mantra-like, and the country is repeatedly brought to a standstill with lockdowns – with significant consequences for the economy and society.

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The Austrian “Police Officers for Fundamental Rights and Freedoms” have addressed an open letter directly to Interior Minister Gerhard Karner (ÖVP), calling on him to withdraw the vaccination mandate. Should the vaccination obligation come into force, this would result in personnel bottlenecks in the executive.

The police officers describe themselves in the letter as follows:

We are a group of several hundred police officers from all over Austria who have come together informally because of the current situation. We are united by our concern for the rule of law, our freedom of expression and fundamental rights, and our health.

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The officers admonish the massive division in society and point out that this is also noticeably affecting cooperation within the police corps.

They criticize the one-sided reporting on the only conditionally approved Covid vaccines, whose side effects are largely ignored, and vigorously question the solidarity argument for vaccination.

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