From BUNMI LADITAN, Quebec — an excellent piece of poetic, wise writing.

There are two belief systems at war right now. One believes that compliance is our ticket out of hell and one believes compliance is our ticket to hell.

One believes the government cares for its citizens and one believes the government cares for the government.

People are not at war: belief systems are.

Personally, I believe the ability to put one’s faith in a system or government depends on how that system or government has treated you or people like you in the past. If you’ve been treated well, you’re much more likely to be able to hold such faith.

If you can still smell the stench of your people’s blood in the wheels of progress, you are less likely to board this train.

But there are many other reasons, historically sound reasons, why checks and balances, limitations of government power are vitally important. Be wary of anyone who insists it’s too dangerous “right now” for debate.

Be wary of anyone who labels the suspension of debate as an act of virtue and public service.

When unquestioning obedience is the market price for life, are we setting a precedent we can ever come back from?

I value your life and the lives of your children as mine, but I’m asking myself, why is divisiveness the only meal we are being served?

Human beings are allowed to question and that right was not bestowed on us by a local or federal government.

Be wary of anyone equating unchecked compliance with morality. This is the worst kind of religion.

In moments of great fear and uncertainty people look for something to put their faith in, a promise, a map of a way out into the green pastures and sunny meadows of days past.

I too dream of simpler, warmer days, but sense among us there are wolves selling snake oil promises of peace at a price they themselves would never pay. A price that if we understood the fine print we would know is worse than the shadows we live with now.

There will always be those who exploit times of crisis for their own gain; gathering the huddling weary masses, whispering comforting lullabies while they pick their pockets of what their ancestors ancestors died for.

Be wary of being so hungry for relief from the heaviness today that you sell tomorrow as that is where our children will live. The difference between a noble sacrifice and selling their birthright to feed our hungry stomachs is a severe one.

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