A simple call from Quebec’s Santé Publique reveals the misinformation that our government agencies are operating by.

“Do you need help getting vaccinated?”

“No, I’m fine.”

“Can I ask, are you going to get vaccinated?”


“Could you tell me why?”

“I fought off COVID and I have natural immunity.”

“Natural immunity lasts only six months.”

“The latest studies I’ve seen say natural immunity from COVID lasts for 27 years.”

“According to our experts natural immunity lasts for six months. What would happen if you got COVID? Do you think you would infect others?”

“I have natural immunity so I won’t get COVID again.”

“Thank you for your time, have a good day.”

That was the call, and I doubt it will be the last time someone contacts me again in some fashion. The ignorance, or misinformation, is astounding. He offered 2 challenges based on flawed information.

The first is this: The reason they say that natural immunity lasts six months is because that’s when they see antibodies dropping out of the bloodstream. Antibodies are only part of the immune response. T-cells still contain the memory of the virus. Fighting off COVID allows your immune system to see the full virus, whereas the vaccine only provides the spike protein.

The second glaring problem with this is the inference that if I got COVID again I could be a threat to others, while it’s been shown that vaccinated people shed the virus and are themselves very contagious. The vaccine does not prevent transmission or infection. This is a tactic called fearmongering.

The challenges and arguments raised are not based on science or studies, they are views supported by the opinions of their “experts.” Can anyone really say they are “expert” at knowing how to handle COVID? From my viewpoint, the experts have been wrong on almost every count.