Every day, the Australian state of New South Wales reports Covid deaths by age – and vaccination status.

Unlike American figures, these do not depend on inaccurate hospital reporting of vaccination status. They are not manipulated or “age-adjusted.”

They are as close to real time data as exists anywhere in the world. New South Wales even reports whether people under 65 had serious health conditions.

Overall coronavirus deaths have accelerated dramatically in New South Wales in the last month, as the Omicron variant speads. (The state has about 8.2 million people, so 40 deaths a day there is equivalent to 1,600 in the United States.)

So who is dying?

In the last 15 days, 417 of the 552 people who died of Covid in New South Wales were vaccinated, compared to 135 who were unvaccinated.

Sixty of the vaccinated people who died had received a booster shot. Those deaths skew markedly to the last few days. Forty-nine of the 60 boosted people died in the last week – including the most recent, a man in his thirties who had no preexisting conditions.

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