There have been an untold number of panels and discussions presented by the Biden administration and big pharma about the dangers of COVID-19. There were the ones about the importance of the lockdowns, the mask mandates, and getting the COVID-19 jab. Even to this day, Dr. Anthony Fauci continues his press tour about the COVID-19 drug and the number of boosters that may be needed to be considered “fully vaccinated” to the government. But while the Democrats pushed their agenda, on the other side of the aisle, Republican Senator Ron Johnson hosted his own panel loaded with lifelong scientists and doctors, from around the world, who, not surprisingly, didn’t side with the narrative. 

In the video, featured below, Dr. Peter McCullough had a chance to speak with the Senator and other members of the panel and revealed how the COVID-19 jab is being promoted as the driving force behind reduction in hospitalization. While the doctor claimed the CDC is even pushing the narrative, he added that the reduction in hospitalizations are only happening in the U.S. Dr. McCullough also noted the supposed miracle drug does not stop the virus from being contracted or spreading, yet it somehow helps reduce people being admitted to the hospital. 

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