Pastor James R. Wood makes an interesting connection between COVID measures and the heresy of the Galatian church.

Throughout the world, governments are aggressively pushing COVID vaccines. Some have instituted mandates or vaccine passports. Many are losing patience with the unvaccinated, even proposing that they have forfeited the right to certain health services. The unvaccinated have become deplorables—the undeserving sick.

This COVID regime has been bolstered by a sort of civil religion—the “cult of covid.” We are in a period not merely of authoritarian overreach, but of religious zeal and stratification.

His ends with this admonition:

The Galatian heresy rears its head when churches start to require evidence of vaccines to attend worship. Or when they divide the congregation between vaccinated and unvaccinated. Or when Christians deny that there are legitimate reasons for refusing the vaccine, thus binding the consciences of others and rendering judgment upon them. But in our churches, we must no longer judge according to the flesh.

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