Dr. Kevin Homer is a pathologist who has serious questions for the CDC and Fauci and the narratives they are pushing. He also questions the purpose of the vaccination cards and passports.

The article on vaccine passports/cards in the article on BetterPathology.com

I took a single dose Janssen vaccine March 15, 2021.  I measured my spike protein antibodies on May 20 to make sure that the vaccine worked; my test was positive with an index level of 1.4.  Last Thursday, August 12, I measured my antibodies again.  They were negative.  I have a vaccination card that I can use to sit in a New York City restaurant, attend a concert at SFJAZZ, live on a university campus, or work at a hospital that has mandated vaccines.  Even if H.R. 4980 becomes law, I will be able to travel on an airplane in the United States.  Yet not even five months since my vaccination, there is no longer evidence of antibody-based immunity in my blood.

My story is another example of the folly of making universal vaccination the primary objective of the pandemic response.  Vaccine mandates by restaurants, employers, airlines, colleges, and entertainment venues are based on the flawed assumption that vaccinated people are safe, clean, and not dangerous to others.  There is undeniable evidence that breakthrough infections occur, that the vaccinated can spread the disease, and that vaccinated individuals can die of the disease.  It’s becoming clear that eradication is no longer possible.  

There is also mounting evidence that vaccines are associated with significant side effects that affect the health and well-being of individuals.  Expect more evidence to emerge.  We do not yet know the whole story.

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Dr. Homer was also interviewed by Steve Bannon to talk about the CDC, anti-bodies and other COVID related issues.

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