Funeral Director, John O’Looney is interviewed on Good Morning CHD and reveals some stunning information about the vaccines and the death rates.

They started vaccinating locally…on January 6, and instantly the death rate went through the roof. I would estimate at 300%. The phone never stopped ringing. I was turning people away. It was horrible, to be honest. And it was all the people who had been vaccinated. There’s a regular death rate, as well, as there is every year. But it went through the roof when they started putting needles in arms….As they went down the line we were seeing young and younger people coming in. And it ended up being people in the twenties, thirties, forties, in numbers that I have never seen before as a funeral director in fifteen years. And they were not dying from COVID, and they’re not dying of COVID now. They’re dying from a mixture of heart attacks, strokes, and extremely aggressive cancers, and liver failure….this is genocide, make no mistake. 

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