In the last few weeks, coronavirus infections in the United States have hit stunning new heights.

Covid deaths are second only to their January 2021 peak (a peak probably driven by first-dose mRNA vaccinations of the elderly, but don’t get me started).

In response to this unprecedented Covid wave, Democrats and their media allies are calling for school closures, more masking rules, and new lockdown restrictions.

“We need to follow the science and come together as a nation,” President Biden said in a special Oval Office address. “A few more weeks of shared sacrifice will get us through this dark winter. These restrictions have worked before, and they will work again.”


Sorry. Drifted off for a minute.

Back here in the real world, exactly the opposite is happening. The Covid wave notwithstanding, Democrats and the bluechecks are sprinting away from every restriction and mandate and rule they have shoved down the throats of Americans for the last two years.

Masks? Who needs ‘em?

Last July, when the United States had under 40,000 Covid infections a day, Dr. Leana Wen – a CNN staple – lashed out at states that had ended mask mandates.

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