The time is now. Together, Canadians and the Indigenous peoples can end tyranny, and achieve their greatest potential through the PowerShift to Freedom solution

OHSWEKEN, ONTARIO, CANADA, December 31, 2021 / — The Canadian Peoples’ Union (CPU) is ready to move forward in continuing the launch of their “Great Canadian Political PowerShift to Freedom” solution.

The CEO, Nicole Lebrasseur, Denis Lamothe CFO, and Barb Garlow, Cayuga Nation faith Keeper and the PowerShift team are ready, and waiting for all other Canadians and Indigenous peoples to finally unite on each side of the Two Row Wampum. This is being done through the implementation of the legally binding Citizens Convention of Consent Form that can be signed by all Canadian citizens aged 15 and older.

The Convention of Consent Form serves as the legal bridge in honouring the treaties and to finally include both sides as the shareholders, co-owners of the Crown of Canada. The time is now.

The Canadian Peoples’ Union is a political and civil rights union for all Canadian Citizens and Indigenous peoples to unite. It is a federally incorporated not-for-profit organization. It is the first of its kind and is an intelligent, quiet evolution for revolutions that need to take place without chaos, bloodshed, or fear of retribution. It is our legal right to stand within our rights to collective self-determination.

The information found on their website will astound anyone looking for legal documents and facts in regards to legal Human and Charter Rights laws, etc. which is why they claim that the time is now, to take action.

The Powershift to Freedom solution is the most intelligent way for all Canadians and Indigenous Nations to be in control of what happens in their country, including control of the Canadian monetary system, all laws, and especially all corporate laws. Canadian citizens can determine what the banks, including the world bank or the UN and all other corporations, can and cannot do in our country.

Through the Canadian Peoples’ Union (CPU) Canadians can change the system to protect their country, their rights, and their future. It is about every Canadian and Indigenous person taking simple, lawful initiatives to protect their country and their rights.

The most important information that Canadians and the indigenous peoples need to know is that: “Nothing in Law supersedes the will of the People in regard to their GOVERNANCE”. This means that the type of Governance the PEOPLE choose can be how they govern themselves.

The Powershift to Freedom Solution

True freedom and true democracy are only gained through POWER SHIFTING the executive power of Governance to the people as the final decision-making authority in each county. Bringing true democracy into the 21st Century. For the people taking their rightful place in each of their countries, the Queen, a Governor, a Monarch, or a President must be replaced by the “Collective People” as the HEAD of STATE with the full prerogative and executive powers over their governments.

In Canada, what is had, is known as parliamentary democracy for parliamentarians. There is no true democracy for the people as a collective. The Citizens and Indigenous Peoples’ only involvement in this form of democracy is either voting for which political party will speak on their behalf or running as a candidate with a political party because they want to speak on a constituent’s behalf.

The PowerShift Solution and Plan is to bring our democracy into the 21st Century so the Collective Citizens and Indigenous People have a collective democracy system adjusted to their needs.

This means the people, the collective, work with those they elect to solve issues and create solutions that work for them, in their community, in their province, in Canada as a whole. According to the Canadian Peoples’ Union CEO, Nicole Lebrasseur, there are a few ways this could be achieved such as: discussion, committees, and referendums, etc.

It will be up to the people to self-determine what needs to be done through various means. In this way, the people can also remove any corruption that is currently taking place locally, provincially, and federally. It will ensure the people always have a voice, no matter what style of governance they choose.

Only by these measures, can humanity be free from tyranny and control by the few.

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1. The Citizen’s Convention of Consent, a legal way to prove the Citizens and Indigenous People, collectively, want their collective right to the Head of State executive power over those they elect and in doing so keep their democratic right to a voice 365 days a year – bringing their democratic rights into the 21st Century.

2. Formal Canadian Citizen’s Letter of Independence from the UK – final severance and repeal of the Canada Act 1982 c 11 UK and all other Acts and Statutes relating to Canada and still part of the UK legislation.

3. Multiple Court actions such as Class Actions, Malfeasance Mass Torts, Notice of Constitutional Question, etc.

4.  Citizen Committees in every federal riding across Canada to help their local community become informed and involved around the governance of Canada, and what those elected Federally, Provincially and Municipally are doing, how they are currently being lobbied and for what purpose, and the current committees they are working on. All in order to strategize and work with those elected to bring solid solutions, discussion and critical thinking to the policies that make up our laws, legislation, regulations, etc.  All to ensure those elected work on behalf of their constituent base and not lobbyists or corporations. 

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