Dr. Charles Hoff tried to report 14 vaccine injuries in the Canadian health care system and they were all rejected, saying the injuries were not due to the vaccine, they were all coincidences.

This is another breach of trust with our medical and health systems. Why the lies? Why do we protect vaccines like they are deity?

Discussing the COVID-19 drug and the effect it has had on the human body since being made available, Dr. Charles Hoffe noted that the jab had the worst safety record of any “vaccine(?)” in history. Dr. Hoffe also admitted that when it came to injuries being reported, Canada doesn’t have a system put in place like VAERS. He said, “Canada doesn’t have a vaccine injury reporting system; they pretend to… I’ve tried reporting vaccine injuries on my patients FOURTEEN TIMES, and in every case the reports get sent back with the response that these aren’t vaccine injuries; these are all coincidences.”

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