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This is a list of personal reasons that caution me against taking the COVID-19 mRNA genetic-therapy injections. This is information I have collected through my own research. Don’t take my word for the factual basis of these reasons. You must do your own research and think for yourself. My hope is that, if you are pro-vaxx, that you at least see that there are concerning inconsistencies to the narrative that the injections are safe and effective and should be mandated for everyone.


Top scientists and doctors who challenge the safety or efficacy of the vaccines are censored and shut down.

Why is censorship unquestioned and unchallenged in the medical, scientific and regulatory community? This isn’t just happening with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Amazon, it’s happening in mainstream news/media, medical journals, schools, hospitals, and the work place. This is happening to the world’s leading, and Nobel prize winning, epidemiologists, immunologists, virologists, cardiologists, neurologists, statisticians, and many others.

And not only that, their reputations and character have been publically assassinated. If we are truly in a pandemic and are concerned with the health and welfare of humanity, why would we silence scientific debate and inquiry? The media, regulartory agencies, and polititicians act more like a vaccine cult than people of science and medicine. Why?

ANSWER: Nothing must be allowed to hinder or challenge the global vaccination policy. Censor, deplatform and destroy is the cultic program to deal with those who don’t follow the party line.


The “vaccines” are not vaccines, they are therapeutic treatments which do not fall under the EUA.

The CDC quietly changed the definition of a vaccine in 2021. Why? Because the mRNA “vaccines” did not fit the definition of a vaccine because they don’t stop transmission or infection. At best, the vaccines “minimize” symptoms, which makes them a therapy, not a vaccine. 

The new CDC definition of “vaccine” makes Vitamin D, Ivermectin, and Hydroxychloroquine a vaccine, which is why they have vilified these medicines, and in some cases, made them illegal. 


ANSWER: To keep the vaccines in force and to protect the pharmaceutical companies by the liability shield of the EUA.


Natural Immunity has intentionally been ignored and relegated to the category of unvaxxed.

When asked about natural immunity in 2021, Anthony Fauci simple said, “We don’t know.” Shouldn’t we know in a pandemic? He said this after 140+ studies testified to the superior strength of durability natural immunity had already been published. People who contracted SARS in 2003 still have robust immunity to it 18 years later. Why has natural immunity never had it’s rightful hearing? Why is it assumed to be less effective than the vaccine which only presents the spike protein of the virus? Why is it not even a category in the data?

ANSWER: If it were it would be a flat line in the data, but by keeping the unvaxxed and the unvaxxed with natural immunity together they can hide the reality. They don’t want to know about natural immunity because they know the truth will get in the way of the the narrative and the global vaccination program.


Pfizer wants to conceal it’s vaccine safety data for 75 years, though it continues to declare the vaccine is safe.

Pfizer has over 400,000 pages of safety data for it’s vaccines and doesn’t want to show it for 75 years. Fortunately, the court ruled against Pfizer and has ordered it to release these documents by July 2022. Given all the concern over safety, why would Pfizer withhold documents if they showed the vaccine was safe? Wouldn’t they flaunt those documents, rather than withhold them until everyone who has taken them has died?

ANSWER: Big pharma has a well-recorded habit of lying about the safety of their products and fighting those injured from getting recognition or compensation. Not holding them to account during this COVID crisis is a pharmaceutical dream, and by giving them carte-blanche in this pandemic is not only ignorant, it makes us complicit, as false witnesses, to their crime.


Hospitals are over-reporting COVID hospitalizations by more than 50%, thereby conflating severity of the disease.

Hospitals have not been distinquishing between those who come to the hospital for COVID and those who come to the hospital for other reasons and test positive upon presentation. According to Dr. Peter McCullough, until these records undergo adjudication, claims that the vaccines reduce the risk of hospitalization are biased misperceptions and not valid.

ANSWER: Money. Hospitals are always strapped for money, and many governments pay hospitals extra funds for every COVID patient they admit, treat, ventilate, and pay even more if the patient dies.


COVID-19, including Omicron, is highly treatable with cheap, generic drugs

We have a wealth of studies and documented histories of the success of using Providone Iodine, Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Monoclonal Antibodies, Corticosteroids, Favipiravir, Paxlovid, Inhaled Budesonide, Chochicine, and this is only about 1/3 of the drugs that have positive studies that demonstrate effectiveness and are being successfully used by doctors to help people fight COVID-19.

Yet the government and regulatory agencies blocked access to them, and prohibited, and criminalized, doctors and pharmacists for prescribing them — an unprecedented act in health history.

Had these treatments been promoted, as they were in Uttar Pradesh, India, we would have seen the same success and saved half-a-million lives.

We’re 2 years out and the only mantra we hear is vaccination.


The pro-vaxx proponents act more like a cult than science or health care

The global vaccination program has become the cardinal doctrine of a monotheistic cult that justifies tyranny, censorship, shaming, slander, falsification of data and facts, and human rights violations. We no longer have any right over our bodies. Conform or you will lose your license, your job, your dignity, your rights to see your child.  You could be beaten, fined or forced into an isolation camp.

Doctors and scientists who challenge the vaccination doctrine are excommunicated and crucified. There is no scientific debate or ethical dialog between pro-vaxx and anyone else.