In previous articles in this series, we looked at how the public health establishment has been downplaying natural immunity to SARS‑CoV‑2, the coronavirus that causes COVID‑19, by either claiming that it may be weak and short-lived or ignoring it altogether as though immunity could only be acquired through vaccination. In the prior installment, we saw how the false claim that natural immunity wanes rapidly originated while the COVID‑19 vaccines were still under development.

Additionally, we saw glimpses of how scientists whose work and public comments were being used to support that false claim knew that it was untrue. Specifically, the claim was based on the observation of rapidly waning antibodies in the blood of people who had recovered from infection, but the scientists claiming that this was evidence that natural immunity is weak and short-lived knew that this was not so.

Journalists and editors involved in producing alarmist articles propagating the false claim were either too incompetent to be reporting on the subject or were likewise deliberately deceiving the public in furtherance of the political agenda of mass vaccination.

To illustrate that the intentionality of the deception, we need only to understand that basic immunology tells us that rapidly waning antibodies after recovery from infection is normal and does not equal loss of immunity.

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